Professional IT services.


About Us.

We pride ourselves on providing professional quality, jargon-free IT services. Through our personalised approach and outstanding customer service, we help our clients eliminate computer frustration by delivering an IT solution that is matched to their business computing demands and budget.

We provide tailored pro-active support packages and consulting advice for your particular, or even peculiar IT requirements. We also understand that every customer in the SMB world is different; it is a matter of piecing together the right mix of technology and vendors to meet the business computing requirements within a realistic budget. With experience you can trust, our solutions are based on proven technology to ensure long term success.


Adaptive IT is the key to success.


IT Services.

Pro-active support

Have the core of your entire IT environment monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. We can identify and fix many issues pro-actively before they cause interruption to your business.

IT project services

Chameleo's project services include quotations, managed delivery schedules, outage planning and post implementation support services.

software licensing and compliance

Microsoft offer a large range of licensing options and can be difficult to navigate alone - Discuss the best Microsoft licensing approach with us.

IT hardware and SOFTWARE

We supply computer hardware and software licensing at extremely competitive prices, and only sell what we ourselves would use.

Network and email security

Email threats are the number one method of virus infection in businesses. We can help you eliminate the holes in your security.

Cloud computing

We understand the benefits of hosting server infrastructure online, and implementing Office 365 in to your business environment.

Disaster recovery

Solutions range from automated offsite backups and restore processes, to automated hot-spare and fail over server technologies.

System audits and overhauls

We provide technology audits that deliver insight into your IT infrastructure, and an objective perspective on how it should be set up and maintained.


Lasting professional relationships. 


What our clients say:


Suneden Specialist School

"Chameleo market themselves as being Experienced, Professional, Personal and they are certainly all three.

For the last eighteen months our school has used Chameleo for our IT support services. They not only maintain our current IT structure but they recommend improvements, efficiencies and innovative solutions, all the while being mindful of our resources and our unique needs.

They have proven time and time again to be reliable, friendly, prompt and knowledgeable as well as being able to talk in straight English rather than in an IT dialect – very refreshing. It is true to say that they have transformed our IT services and infrastructure and I would highly recommend them.”

Anne Martin



MSE Alarms

“As a business owner myself and a professional working in the electronic security industry for nearly 35 years I must commend you and your company for the excellent service and advice that you’ve provided me and my company over the last 18 months.

The way you have communicated, organised and delivered your IT services to my company has given us a confidence that has been lacking in the past and allowed us to move forward and excel in our business over the last year.

We would like to thank you and your team for restoring our confidence in our IT infrastructure and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship.”

Michael Bonaccurso
[Managing Director]



D-STAL Electrical

“The staff at Chameleo are always available and return phone calls within minutes. Nothing seems too difficult for them and they can deal with the many different personality types within our business, taking the time to explain things to people who need that little extra bit of help.

Our business has grown considerably over the last few years; Chameleo have adapted to this growth and are constantly coming up with better and more efficient ways of doing things.

It is hard to find great customer service today so it’s refreshing that we have this great relationship with Chameleo, as it makes business just that little bit easier.”

Hayley Staltari
[Office/HR Manager]


Building your business, together.